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AIRTESTS offers a wide range of environmental services (sample collection, laboratory analysis, decontamination protocol, etc.) that keep buildings in good health and occupants in good health. Our expertise makes it possible to carry out an accurate diagnosis for all homes and workplaces: factories, businesses, public institutions, buildings, private residences, etc. During the inspection, AIRTESTS deploys a team of technicians specialized in air analysis (air tests) and in the removal of indoor contaminants such as asbestos, molds, bacteria, particles, dust and gas, to determine whether these contaminants are toxic, pathogenic or carcinogenic, and to take the necessary actions to eradicate them. Finally, our certified technicians-experts move on your sites in order to perform the complete characterization for the research and identification of asbestos (MSCA) buildings that are subject to renovation or eventual demolition.

The most popular sampling and analysis services at AIRTESTS are those related to indoor air quality. The services of environmental expertise for which we are frequently called upon require, for the most part, an analysis of the quality of the indoor air (IAQ): test of molds, spores, fungi, yeasts and bacteria mainly in commercial buildings and the residences. In the industrial sector, expertise is particularly focused on metal research, dust of all kinds and a very large variety of gases.

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